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 World Go 'Round lyrics

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PostajNaslov: World Go 'Round lyrics   pet vel 29, 2008 4:56 pm

In the quickness of our haste
It seems we forget how to live
The old blueprint
No longer manifests itself
As the correct way to exist
Wipe the grime off the view hole
And please take a closer look
Environmental bandits
Up to their shenanigans
Crooks disguised...

We've got to find another way
To make the world go 'round
Our individual roles we think
Not so important to the plot
The big picture unseen
Leaving life un between
Destroyed and overwrought

There's no need to point the finger
We understand who takes the blame
Delinquents caught
Red-handed in the act
Crooks disguised as you and I

We've got to find another way
To make the world go 'round
You see there's many many many
People in the world
And I'm not sure if I like

What I've heard I'm not sure if I like
What I'm doing myself
I'm not sure if I like how it turns
Degradation Violation
Inexcusable exploitation It's the dawning of a new era
People consciously don't care
How unfair
We've gotta find another way
To make the world go 'round

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World Go 'Round lyrics
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