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 You Started It Lyrics

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PostajNaslov: You Started It Lyrics   pet vel 29, 2008 6:01 pm

Itís all your fault
But Iím gonna try

Iím feelin as bad about me as you are
You know I donít wanna be here
Iím tryin to work out where these feelings are from
I donít know why Iím doin this either

I know, youíre right, you win
I donít want any part of it
But you know what Iím like
I give in even though you started it

(whoa, hey)

The last time I checked, had it under control
But now everything is unclear

Oh help me correct it, I know that Iím wrong
I donít know why Iím doin this either


Oh well baby, you were right
Oh no no no hush hush, you were right
Forget about it baby, you were right
Yeah we argue sometimes but please not tonight

(Hey, you gonna be ok)
(Donít worry about it)


Yeah we argue sometimes but not tonight

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You Started It Lyrics
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